International adventures:
2018 Eastern Canada Bus & Cruise
2011 Spain & Portugal
2010 Scandinavia trip
2008/9 Freighter round the world
2008 Italy, Switzerland, Vatican
2007 Brazil Carnival
2007 Antarctica
2007 Argentina Iguazu Falls
2006 England, Ireland, Scotland
2005-6 Consulting Adventure
2005 Mt Fuji Hike
2005 Nepal Everest fly-by
2005 India Taj Mahal
2005 Egypt Pyramids, Sphinx
2004 China Great Wall
2004 Japan 14 trips
1999 Peru Machu Picchu
1998 Australia Ayers Rock
1966 Guam Mt. Lamlam

US adventures:
2012 New York City
2011 Lake Street Minneapolis
2009 Boston Lobster trip
2007 Southeast US Road-trip
2007 New York City
2005 Idaho High-point
2005 Grand Canyon
2004 Alaska Cruise-tour
2003 California Hikes
2003 Northeast US Road-trip
2002 Southwest US Road-trip
2001 Hawaii tour & high point
2000 Northwest US Road-trip
1996 Grays Peak First 14k mtn.
1991 Skydiving
High Point Hikes
Low Point Hikes

Favorites and Pages of Friends:
Fishin' with Dave
Growing Pears in MN
George's Freighter BLOG
Susan Tadewald Photography

3/16/2019 ETF presentation for the Bogleheads, Hopkins Library.
3/11/2019 Skied at Buck Hill! Sunny, icy and fast!
Also washed the vehicles with the garden hose.
2/21/2019 Investing 106, 2019 Market Update presentation at the Golden Valley Community Ctr.
2/16/2019 What can be forecast and what can't presentation, Bogleheads, Edina Library.
1/26/2019 Market Volatility and Update presentation, Bogleheads, Ridgedale Library.

11/2/2019 RMD & Roth Conversion Strategies presentation for the Bogleheads, Hopkins Library.
9/21/2019 Book report for the Bogleheads, Hopkins Library.
3/16/2019 ETF presentation for the Bogleheads, Hopkins Library.
3/11/2019 Skied at Buck Hill! Sunny, icy and fast!
Also washed the vehicles with the garden hose.
2/21/2019 Investing 106, 2019 Market Update presentation at the Golden Valley Community Ctr.
2/16/2019 What can be forecast and what can't presentation, Bogleheads, Edina Library.
1/26/2019 Market Volatility and Update presentation, Bogleheads, Ridgedale Library.

11/27/2018 Eastern Canada presentation at Lenox Community Ctr.
9/14 to 9/29/2018 2018 Eastern Canada Bus & Cruise
8/21/2018 Dark Money presentation at Lenox Community Ctr. with Steve Anderson.
6/1/2018 We have a new maple now, and new grass to water.
5/23/2018 Found an awesome stump grinder(Absolutely Stumped).
5/1/2018 AI & Security for Seniors presentation at Lenox Community Ctr.
4/28/2018 My old friend, the back yard maple was crowding 2 roofs and 2 power lines. I found a tree cutter who did no damage (not counting the phone line). A neighbor and an acquaintance were happy to have a lot of firewood. The City whined about 4 truck-loads of brush.
4/28/2018 Cryptocurrency presentation for Bogleheads at Southdale library.
3/14/2018 Skied Buck Hill! Icy & fast! Sunny!
3/14/2018 Latest score is unchanged at 2.5.
3/10/2018 Cryptocurrency, presentation for Boogleheads West at EP Library
2/26/2018 Skied at Buck Hill! Well groomed. Sunny!
2/15/2018 Investing 105, 2018 Market Update presentation at the new Golden Valley Community Ctr.

12/19/2017 How Guys Make Bread presentation at Lenox Community Ctr.
8/31/2017 Latest score is 2.5.
8/12/2017 New DOL Fiduciary rules presentation for Bogleheads at Southdale library.
6/14/2017 Latest score is 1.5.
5/2/2017 Prostate scams presentation at Lenox Community Ctr
4/7/2017 Cut down 6 trees for neighbor.
2/21/2017 Investing 104, 2017 Market Update presentation at Lenox Community Ctr
2/16/2017 Investing 104, 2017 Market Update presentation at Golden Valley Community Ctr
2/10/2017 Skied at Buck Hill! Well groomed. Brisk early.

6/7/2016 Recovering from computer mistakes presentation at Lenox Computer Buddies, then on Community TV
3/29/2016 Market Update 2016 presentation at Lenox Community Ctr, then on Community TV
2/26/2016 Skied at Buck Hill.
2/18/2016 Investing 103, 2016 Update presentation at Golden Valley Community Ctr
2/17/2016 Skied at Buck Hill.
2/4/2016 Freighter Odyssey presentation in St. Cloud

10/6/2015 Problem Solving & Excel Add-ins presentation at Lenox Community Ctr/Computer Buddies
7/5/2015 Cryptocurrencies presentation at St. Paul CTC
6/24/2015 Loss of Privacy presentation at GV Community Ctr
6/9/2015 Cryptocurrencies presentation at Lenox Community Ctr
5/21/2015 Business Cycle Investing co-presented with Larry at GV Community Ctr
4/25/2015 Cryptocurrencies presentation at West Metro CTC
Feb & March Skied at Buck Hill.
2/19/2015 Investing 102 for Seniors presentation at GV Community Ctr

5/15/2014 Financial Update 2014 GV Community Ctr
5/12/2014 Loss of Privacy presentation at CTC Stillwater
3/6/2014 Skied at Buck Hill
2/20/2014 Loss of Privacy presentation at GV Community Ctr
2/19/2014 Skied at Buck Hill
1/25/2014 Loss of Privacy presentation at CTC West Metro

11/12/2013 McMansion Next Door presentation at Lenox.
Watched construction of 2 neighborhood houses.
10/8/2013 Loss of Privacy presentation at Lenox.
10/7/13 Table saw event.
9/11-10/1/2013 Greenhouse construction adventure.

9/7/13 Completed lumberjack adventure.
July 2013 Class reunion.
Spring 2013 Bread project/new grinder.
June 2013 Tree, lawn, drain projects. Spring 2013 Tree trimming adventure to accommodate new house next door.
4/18/2013 Updated Freighter Odyssey Book, adding link to 80 pictures.
3/8/2013 Skied Buck Hill.
2/27/2013 Rethinking Aging presentation at Golden Valley Senior Center.
2/25/2013 Skied Buck Hill.
1/26/2013 Should I Be Tested For Cancer: Maybe Not and Here's Why, presentation based on the book of the same title by Welch. West Metro CTC.

12/6/2012 Repaired 3 problems on Grandma's New Haven pendulum clock.
10/20-23/2012 New York City.
Fall 2012 Research for Laura's greenhouse.
9/20/2012 Hiked downtown with Graham, 12Mi RT.
7/3/2012 Rethinking Aging presentation at Lenox Men's Breakfast.
6/21/2012 Why smart people make bad decisions presentation at Golden Valley Senior Center.
I tried to read Uncle Tom's Cabin. After 30 pages, I gave up. I found the super-crib notes version on Wikipedia, a far better use of my time.
5/3/2012 Self-Publishing & ePublishing presentation at Lenox.
4/16/2012 Finished Phase 3 of bread machine project. Made my last gluten-free loaf and gave away my remaining xanthum gum.
3/27/2012 Bucket List presentation at Lenox.
3/20/2012 A collection of short videos presentation at Lenox.
3/10/2012 Starry night! Dog stars to the west, Orion to the south!
2012 Late winter: Skied 3 times at Buck Hill. :-)
1/3/2012 Why smart people make bad decisions presentation at Lenox

12/3/11 Completed phase 1 of my bread project.
11/13/11 Freighter Odyssey presentation at St. James Lutheran in Crystal.
10/26/11 Lubricated the bell in the belltower.
10/22/11 Freighter Odyssey presentation at Gramercy Club Co-op in Hamel.
August 2011 Truck project and jury duty.
8/24/11 Freighter Odyssey presentation at Brookview Community Center in Golden Valley.
8/2/11 Brains and Androids presentation at Lenox Community Center.
7/23/11 Brains and Androids presentation, CTC.
June 2011 My old desktop is slowing down and having memory problems. I can empathize. It is also having hot-flashes. I operate it with the top removed and a fan blowing on it.
5/27/11 Annual Lake Street Pilgrimage.
5/24/11 Heard Hugo Searle, Everest summiter.
April 2011 Spain and Portugal Adventure
3/14/11 Skied at Buck Hill 4 times in late winter.
2/18/11 Converted my web pages to HTML5.
2/14/11 Mailed taxes and skied at Buck Hill!
1/5/2011 Hiked at MOA with Ron.
This winter, we shoveled snow for weeks.

12/2010 Shoveled a lot of snow.
12/05/10 Class act: Beeks Pizza, our favorite neighborhood pizza place, overcharged us on an order I picked up Friday. Saturday, they called us, apologized, and delivered a refund.
10/11/10 World travel presentations at Cold Spring and Richmond Public Libraries.
8/28/10 Food-Energy-Water Relationships presentation at Critical Thinking Club.
7/13/10 Food-Energy-Water presentation at Lenox.
7/9/10 Visited Walker Art Center.
7/2/10 Visited American Swedish Institute. Unloaded the last of my Kroner from May trip.
6/23/10 Bucket List presentation at Annandale Public Library.
5/15-5/29/10 Scandinavia trip Denmark, Norway, Sweden
5/1/2010 Book signing and presentation in Waverly.
4/5/2010 Okonomiyaki food class at Lakewinds Co-op. We were very fortunate to have Stacy Klone of Kitchenwerks as our instructor.
3/31/2010 Spring walk to the state capitol.
3/22/2010 False start down Lake Street.
3/20/2010 Freighter talk, St. James Men's Grp.
3/16/2010 Laura interviewed me forStoryCorps.
Feb & Mar 2010 Skied 6 times with my new hip.
2/14 Freighter presentation, Menorah Plaza
1/21/2010 Visited Weisman Art Museum.
1/15/2010 Visited Minneapolis Institute of Art.
1/13/2010 Freighter talk, Village Shores, Richfield.

12/13/09 11:00 Egypt presentation at LCR.
12/5/09 Book signing, at Dunn Bros in Buffalo.
11/21/09 Cut down another tree for Laura, with only minor injury.
11/7/09 Presented Data and Information Best Practices at MN Futurists.
10/22 Edward Tufte seminar.
10/07 Lake Street walk to State Capitol.
9/24/09 Boston for a lobster weekend.
Summer 2009: Nine freighter presentations, 2 graduations, 3 weddings, & lunches.
My freighter book is in its 2nd printing.
I still have a pass on mowing the lawn.
Spring 2009:
5/12/09 Published my book, Freighter Odyssey.
3/09 Skied 5 times at Buck Hill.
2/21/2009 Finished my freighter trip! - I went around the world in 130 days, as a passenger on a freighter. Also see My Freighter BLOG.

10/16/08 Began a freighter trip around the world.
Summer 2008 Two small consulting projects, Laura's house project, repair hail damage, volunteer work.
7/19/08 45 yr Class reunion!
5/23/2008 Scott's n-gauge train table.
5/18/2008 New York City: Mark graduated from NY Law School, cum laude.
4/20/2008 Italy, Switzerland, & Vatican tour.
4/5/08 Alternative energy and conservation presentation at Minnesota Futurists.
3/10/08 Skied at Buck Hill this morning!
3/4/08 Alternative energy and conservation presentation, Lenox Sr. Center.
2/9/08 Wiki page experiments.
1/24/08 6 week Stanford Arthritis course.

12/16/2007: Antarctica presentation.
12/2007: Home energy experiments: Tested LED lamps. Expensive.
11/28/2007: Skied - Unexpected event.
October 26-28: NOO York City Central Park, MOMA, the Guggenheim, and a show on Broadway.
9/3/07: Renaissance Festival, first visit ever, Labor Day. Developed a web site for a friend. Consulting assignment in Edina, home projects, garden boxes, door refinishing, Laura's basement project. Bought a $68 power washer from Fleet Farm. Washed the truck, washed the car, sprayed soap on the spider mites! Also, developing new economic model. Quantify fund analysis process. Power-washed and painted the bell tower! It's been awesome not having to contend with the bad airline this summer.
Researched possibility of a home solar power, grid-tied power system.
5/3/2007: Annual 'eating and looking' hike down Lake Street, to the Minnesota state capitol.
4/9-17/2007: Southeast road-trip at cherry blossom time. Final US quadrant. RRHF-Cleveland, Washington DC highpoint, Myrtle Beach, Hilton head, Savannah, Stone Mountain, and other interesting points along the way!
2/15/2007: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro! Since the Brazil visa for the Antarctica/Iguazu Falls trip was expensive, I decided to make more use of it.
1/21/2007: Antarctica, my 7th continent! - Antarctica, with an extension trip to Iguazu Falls in the jungle between Argentina and Brazil. A physical was required for Antarctica and malaria pills for Iguazu Falls and a visa for Brazil.

November: The fall small-game relocation program. A neighbor was having problems with critters under her house.
11/3/2006: First skiing of the season at Wild Mountain. Last skiing was 2/26/07 at Buck Hill.
10/30/2006: Tree trimming event and subsequent electrical service event.
7/24/2006: The cell phone was decommissioned!
2006 Spring: Finished writing an adventure-romance novel, that I had promised for Ann. Novella is probably a better word. Must have been ok. She read it start-to-finish without stopping.
6/1/2006: Annual pilgrimage and eating trek down Lake Street to the Minnesota State Capitol.
5/15/2006: Had planned a wine run to Trader Joe's in Illinois to replenish the '2 buck chuck', but that is no longer necessary, since they opened a store in MN!
5/11 to 5/26/2006: Toured England, Ireland, and Scotland.

2005-2006 SKI season!
8/2005 to 3/2006: Another consulting assignment took me to Japan three more times, Massachusetts several times, and California twice!
8/24/2005: Hiked Idaho high-point. It was another awesome adventure! Spent an unplanned night on the mountain and met another sheriff.
5/20/2005, departed on southwest roadtrip. Itinerary. Hiked the Grand Canyon down and back in one day. Had planned to hike Half-Dome at Yosemite, but installation of the safety cables was further postponed until mid-June, because of remaining snow. Brought back a few cases of red wine from Trader Joe's in Sacramento, and checked the route to the trailhead for the Utah highpoint.
4/19 to 5/1/2005: Taj Mahal in Agra, India and Kathmandu, Nepal!
4/9/2005: Annual pilgrimage and eating trek down Lake Street to the Minnesota State Capitol.
2/8/2005: Snow board lesson at Buck Hill!
January 2005: Egypt was totally awesome! This remains my all-time favorite tour.

October 21st: Completed Humphreys Peak in Arizona in the blizzard and cold. Had visions of Shackleton at the South Pole. This was a close call, with white-out conditions and 100 mph gusts at the summit!
10/6/2004: Completed Wheeler Peak in New Mexico, in the snow and wind.
10/3/2004: Completed Guadalupe Peak in Texas.
9/12/2004: Completed Boundary Peak in Nevada. Made one wrong turn on the way down and spend the night on the mountain. When I got back to the motel in Hawthorne, I had an unexpected visit from the sheriff, who told me he had been 5 minutes away from declaring a 3 county search and rescue event, on my behalf.
August 11-21, 2004: Alaska Cruise-tour Trip report and pictures.

2003-2004: Japan adventure. And again 2005-2006.
Summited 33 state high points this year.

2002-2003: California hikes and skiing during a consulting assignment, including El Capitan.

Other Adventures

OK, there was the 1964 billboard adventure, the water tower adventures in Buffalo and Rockford, the motor cycle adventure through the steam tunnels at the University of Minnesota, the getting shot at on Guam's Mount Lamlam adventure, the scuba diving in the Navy adventures, the midnight runs to TiJuana, the sky diving adventure, the glider adventure, the Gilroy shopping cart caper, the fencing lessons, the boundary waters canoe trips ... I don't have pictures of many of these for some pretty good reasons.

The mountains are calling and I must go.   - John Muir