Argentina 2007 Adventure

Argentina lies entirely in one time zone, 3 hours ahead of CST (east). It stretches from 21° to 55° south latitude. This is a range like Cancun to Hudson Bay.

The Antarctica adventure began January 21st, 2007. This tour was through the University Alumni Association in cooperation with Gohagan Travel. Everything that Gohagan touched was excellent and well organized.


We departed the US on January 21st. An overnight flight took us to Buenos Aires (BONUS EYE-RAYS). After a day of fun in Buenos Aires, we flew to Ushuaia (OOSH-WHY-UH) in the province of Tierra del Fuego on the Cape Horn, where we boarded the French ship, M.S. Le Diamant. The Antarctica expedition tour ended February 4th, however, I did a 3 day extension into the jungle between the Misiones province of Argentina and Brazil, to see Iguazu Falls. At one point on the border bridge, we could see Paraguay up the river. I returned February 6th.

I enjoyed Buenos Aires. It is a beautiful city full of monuments, palaces, and parks. For South America, it is relatively safe. Only one person in our group was pickpocketed. We stayed at the Marriott Plaza. There is much to see and do. A few more days would have been nice.

North of Buenos Aires, the estuary of Rio de la Plata is up to 42 miles wide. On a clear day it is possible to see a little of Uruguay on the other side. The river is shallow and muddy and requires constant dredging for navigation. Both from shore and in the air, we saw sail boats on the river.

Argentina produces red wine, and it is much better than 2 buck chuck.

Avenue 9 de July, widest in the world, with obelisk in the background. Avenue 9 de July
Everything is colorful in South America. Colorful boats
Every country has their own mailbox style. Mailbox
Duarte mausoleum in Recoleta Cemetery. Duarte mausoleum
Evita's marker. All the time we were in the cemetery, Madonna's song, 'Don't cry for me North Dakota', was running through my head. Evita's marker
Small car. Small car
British Clock Tower. The clock doesn't work. Reminds me of the British Clock Tower in Cairo, Egypt (last picture), which has never worked. Come on, British guys, take some pride! Fix your clocks. This reflects poorly. You could probably export more stuff if it worked. British Clock Tower

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