Copernicus Peak Hike

The image below is Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, as seen from Copernicus Peak, 4380 ft, on 6/21/2003. It is the highpoint of Contra Costa County, CA. I drove to the Lick Observatory on State Hwy 130, east out of San Jose. Lick Observatory is on Mt. Hamilton (4209 ft) and is open to the public. From the Lick Observatory, you can see Copernicus Peak to the east. I had good luck on this one. Apparently, access is restricted. The gate was open the day I was there. Maybe they have a 'catch and release' program, because I got caught on the way down. Or, maybe I was just lucky. Afterward, I continued on Hwy 130, a winding back road, all the way to Livermore. I looked for Discovery Peak, the highpoint in Alameda County, but didn't have good enough directions. I did drive Calaveras Road, on the west side, which is a delightful drive.

Lick Observatory as seen from Copernicus Peak apparently is a restricted area. Lick Observatory from Copernicus Peak, 4380 ft.