2018 Eastern Canada Bus Tour and Cruise

On previous trips, we had visited central and western Canada, including Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon. This was our first trip to eastern Canada. We had a week on a tour bus and a week on a cruise ship.

Eastern Canada Itinerary: itinerary
Bus tour group: 49 + our leader, Jen. Photo was taken near the end of the trip in Quebec City. The historic Hotel Frontenac is in the background. One building is draped for construction work. Bus tour group
View from our room: Toronto plaza and changing color light. Toronto plaza and light
CN tower. We got to ride up in an outward facing elevator. CN tower
Toronto building art. Toronto building art
Toronto Dog Fountain. Toronto Dog Fountain
Niagara Falls, Canadian side. We also rode a boat down below. Niagara Falls
Wildlife Park. Creatures included moose, elk, caribou, deer, mountain goats, bison, boar, wolves, black squirrels, wild turkeys, musk ox, coyotes, black bears, cinnamon bears. Wildlife Park
Quebec Arret sign. Douche floor
Quebec Douche. Maybe not what you think. Arret sign
Quebec City walled city with gates. Walled City
Quebec City McDonalds complies with local code. McDonalds
Be careful where you park in Quebec City.   Amazingly, the satellite shows no signs of reentry. Insurance scam or tourist street art? Satellite crash?
Umbrella art in Quebec City. Umbrella art
Montreal, Notre-Dame Basilica. Notre-Dame
Notre Dame pipe organ, 750 pipes. Pipe organ
Canada mail box. Canada mail box
Quebec City fire hydrant. Quebec fire hydrant
The ship. After a week on the tour bus, we chose not to sign up for any of the ship's bus tours. The ship
Life boats above. Mandatory life boat drills the first day. Also used to tender passengers to the pier in Bar Harbor, Maine, because the ship could not dock there. Life boats above
Cruise ship elevator rugs help passengers keep track of the day. Elevator day
Prince Edward Island: Charlettetown couple.
2018 Holiday Card
Charlottetown couple
Giant fiddle, Sydney, Nova Scotia. Giant fiddle
Bar Harbor is named after the sandbar that connects Bar Harbor on the left with Bar Island on the right, ONLY AT LOW TIDE. Sandbar.
4 mast sailing ship at Bar Harbor, Maine. 11
Blueberry shopping in Bar Harbor. Blueberry shopping
Bar Harbor: Oli's Trolley. Oli's Trolley
Cruise ship cabin creature. Cabin creature
Cabin creature. Cabin creature
Cabin creature. Cabin creature
Cabin creature. Cabin creature.
Finally, we had the good fortune to have dinner seating with 2 wonderful couples from Iowa and Oregon.