Colorado High Point Hike

Highpoint 11. Colorado, Mt. Elbert, 14,433 ft, 7/28/2003

Used Wingers' book for guidance. Zumwalt's book has a simple topographical map, which is probably adequate for this hike. Use Trailhead 1 and trail 1484. (In 2003, '1484' does not appear on trail signs.) Also used a GPS for altitude, and a 3 dimensional, topographical map from the internet.

Stayed in Silverthorne. The drive was 45 miles one-way from the Silverthorne, through Leadville, to the trail head. There is lodging available in Leadville. Some of the road signs are shown below. I arrived at Half Moon-Mt. Elbert Trailhead at 7:30am.

Took me 5-1/2 hours to summit, and 3-1/2 hours to return. Like many summits, this one has a low stone windbreak. The trail was easy to follow most of the way. Only got off the trail for 100 yards in the scree of the false summit. Wished I had a ski pole. Bought a knee brace the next day. Two days later, I hiked and scrambled Mt. Massive, which has a trail head further down the same road.

There are rest rooms at the trail head, but not at the summit.
Found the benchmark (RM 2) shown below a few yards from the summit.

Reference Mark 2.
Benchmark Information from the NGS Data Sheet:
Designation - MOUNT ELBERT
PID - KL0637
State/County - CO/LAKE
NAD 83(1992)
Lat --- 39 07 03.90271(N)
Long - 106 26 43.29022(W) ADJUSTED
Height - 14440. feet VERTCON
This is descriptive information
only and not for navigation.
Mt. Elbert, Reference Mark 2
These signs supplement the information in Wingers' book.
This road sign is on Hwy 24 south of Leadville. This appeared sooner than I expected, and I drove past it the first time. Watch for the trailer park and the unused railroad crossing. Turn right on to County 300, at this sign. Note Mt. Elbert behind the sign. You can also see Mt. Massive to the west from this point.
Road Sign on Hwy 24 south of Leadville
Get ready to turn left on to County 11, when this sign appears. Road Sign on CR 300
Note Mt. Elbert behind the sign. Road Sign on CR 11
Turn right on to the gravel road. Road Sign on CR 11
Follow this gravel road for over 5 miles, past the Halfmoon Campgrounds to the parking lot marked by this sign. Mt. Elbert Trailhead parking lot sign
Trailhead sign. Sign at Trailhead
Registration box just past trailhead. There were no blank sheets the day I was there. Registration box just past trailhead
Trail sign on Colorado Trail for right turn on to Trail 1484. There is no reference to '1484' on the trail. It is apparently an identifier only on some maps. Sign on Colorado Trail for right turn onto Trail 1484.
On the way back down, turn left from 1484 back onto the Colorado Trail. As you near the trailhead, turn right to get off the Colorado Trail at this sign. Sign on trail for right turn on the way out

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