Mt. Massive Hike

Mt. Massive, 14,421 ft, 7/30/2003
Hiked from Half Moon trailhead, 10,530 ft. This was the shortest route, but still took me 6 hours to summit and 4 hours to return. I guess I was still a little tired from hiking Mt. Elbert 2 days earlier, and I forgot to take my Geritol. Lost the trail many times.
Used Dawson's book for guidance and topographical map. Used a GPS for altitude.

Follow the same road and signs described for Mt. Elbert. Mt. Elbert Trailhead parking lot sign
Mt. Massive overflow lot sign on the left side of road. Mt. Massive overflow lot sign
Main Mt. Massive Trailhead on the right. Most people use this trail. It is longer, but not as steep as the one further down the road. This is trailhead can be reached with a normal vehicle. Main Mt. Massive trailhead
After this sign, the road is mostly single lane. You need a high clearance vehicle. I used 4 wheel drive most of the way. Proceed over 2 miles to a small parking lot on the right. High clearance vehicle sign
Parking is on the right, and not well marked. Look for the Mt. Massive registration box. This is the shortest trail. It is steep and goes up the south side of the mountain. Mt. Massive Registration box
Try to follow the mail trail. There is a smaller trail that breaks off to the right, and later one that breaks off to the left. About a mile from the trailhead, at this stone cairn, turn right and proceed up the mountain. Trail marker
Some parts of the upper trail have red, blue, or yellow tassle markers like this. Trail marker
Pictures usually don't show steepness. This one does. Much of this trail is like this. Trail marker
This is an unusual picture. I took this on the way down. The clouds were coming in and the valley below was in deep shadow. Sometime earlier, perhaps in the spring, a large boulder came down, either by natural or human causes. Note the boulder bounce damage, starting at the bottom of the picture. You can see 4 more scars further down the hill. Trail marker

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