Consulting Adventures 2005-2006

Another consulting assignment from August 2005 to March 2006 took me to Japan, Massachusetts, and California!
Billerica, MA 8/22/05
Billerica, MA 9/25/05
Yonezawa, Japan 10/2/05 Ate Okonomiyaki. Was upgraded to business class on the return flight!
San Diego, CA 10/11/05
Billerica, MA 10/16/05 Lobster!
Billerica, MA 11/6/05 Cape Cod and Salem!
Wild Mountain, MN 11/18/05 First skiing this year.

Japan again 12/8/05. Skied Tengendai 12/16/05 and Zao 12/17/05. Saw a group of snow monkeys from the bus on the way down from Tengendai. Felt tremors from the earthquake early Saturday morning.
A final trip to Japan February 1-18, 2006. I skied at Yonezawa Ski Park, Tengendai, and Zao again. Saw another snow monkey, and the Yonezawa Lantern festival.

For this project, the final trips were to San Diego and Gilroy, CA, February 23rd thru March 3, 2006. Walked the beach for hours at Pacific Beach on Saturday. Visited Point Loma again. After the Gilroy task, skied on Thursday at Heavenly, at South Lake Tahoe.