Iguazu Falls Adventure

Iguazu Falls lies on the border between Argentina and Brazil, near Paraguay.

The Antarctica adventure began January 21st, 2007. This tour was through the University Alumni Association in cooperation with Gohagan Travel. Everything that Gohagan touched was excellent and well organized.


We departed the US on January 21st. An overnight flight took us to Buenos Aires (BONUS EYE-RAYS). After a day of fun in Buenos Aires, we flew to Ushuaia (OOSH-WHY-UH) in the province of Tierra del Fuego on the Cape Horn, where we boarded the French ship, M.S. Le Diamant. The Antarctica expedition tour ended February 4th, however, I did a 3 day extension into the jungle between the Misiones province of Argentina and Brazil, to see Iguazu Falls. At one point on the border bridge, we could see Paraguay up the river. I returned home February 6th.

I encourage visitors to see the 1986 movie, The Mission, which was filmed on location. Also, James Bond fans might recognize Iguazu Falls as the waterfall scene in the 1979 movie Moonraker.

Iguazu Falls from the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel. Iguazu Falls from the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel
Iguazu Falls, Argentine side, closer view from above the falls. This is at the end of the long walkway. Closer view
Near Iguazu Falls, Brazil side: Very large and colorful geodes. Colorful geodes
Iguazu Falls, Brazil side: Flower with praying Mantis. Flower with praying Mantis
Iguazu Falls, Brazil side: Colorful birds at the bird park. Colorful birds at the bird park
Iguazu Falls, Brazil side: Toucan in bird park. Toucan in bird park
Iguazu Falls, Brazil side: Butterfly with protective eye. Butterfly

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