Illinois High Point Hike

Highpoint 26. Illinois, Charles Mound, 1235 ft, 9/7/03

Used Wingers' book for guidance. Zumwalt's book has an area road map.

This highpoint is on private property and access is currently restricted to 4 weekends per year, due to vandalism. Check the 'Advisories' on Americasroof website for specific dates. There are no more open dates in 2003. Thanks to the Wuebbels family for continuing to allow this limited access for highpointers.

Park on the side of the gravel county road, not the driveway. The first part of the walk is especially pleasant, down a tree covered lane. At the top, by the highpoint marker, there are lawn chairs for enjoying the view.

There are no rest rooms here.
There are 3 easy-to-find benchmarks near the highpoint marker, and a sign-in log.

Marker 1 Marker 1
Marker 2 Marker 2
Marker 3 Marker 3