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My Travel Adventures

It is my hope that you will find these pages helpful and amusing.

International adventures:
2018 Eastern Canada Bus & Cruise
2011 Spain & Portugal
2010 Scandinavia
2008-9 Freighter round the world
2008 Italy, Switzerland, Vatican
2007 Brazil Carnival
2007 Antarctica
2007 Argentina Iguazu Falls
2006 England, Ireland, Scotland
2005 Mt Fuji Hike
2005 Nepal Everest fly-by
2005 India Taj Mahal
2005 Egypt Pyramids, Sphinx
2004 China Great Wall
2004 Japan 14 trips
1999 Peru Machu Picchu
1998 Australia Ayers Rock
1966 Guam Mt. Lamlam

Favorites and Pages of Friends:
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Growing Pears in MN
Boomer Strategy BLOG
Skinny Guy Diet BLOG
George's Freighter BLOG
Susan Tadewald Photography

Current & Future Adventures

Winter! Ikea cupboards adventure continues.
Still making bread about every 4 days.

Recent Adventures

3/16/2019 ETF presentation for the Bogleheads, Hopkins Library.
3/11/2019 Skied at Buck Hill! Sunny, icy and fast!
Also washed the vehicles with the garden hose.
2/21/2019 Investing 106, 2019 Market Update presentation at the Golden Valley Community Ctr.
2/16/2019 What can be forecast and what can't presentation, Bogleheads, Edina Library.
1/26/2019 Market Volatility and Update presentation, Bogleheads, Ridgedale Library.

11/27/2018 Eastern Canada presentation at Lenox Community Ctr.
9/14 to 9/29/2018 2018 Eastern Canada Bus & Cruise
8/21/2018 Dark Money presentation at Lenox Community Ctr. with Steve Anderson.
6/1/2018 We have a new maple now, and new grass to water.
5/23/2018 Found an awesome stump grinder(Absolutely Stumped).
5/1/2018 AI & Security for Seniors presentation at Lenox Community Ctr.
4/28/2018 My old friend, the back yard maple was crowding 2 roofs and 2 power lines. I found a tree cutter who did no damage (not counting the phone line). A neighbor and an acquaintance were happy to have a lot of firewood. The City whined about 4 truck-loads of brush.
4/28/2018 Cryptocurrency presentation for Bogleheads at Southdale library.
3/14/2018 Skied Buck Hill! Icy & fast! Sunny!
3/14/2018 Latest score is unchanged at 2.5.
3/10/2018 Cryptocurrency, presentation for Boogleheads West at EP Library
2/26/2018 Skied at Buck Hill! Well groomed. Sunny!
2/15/2018 Investing 105, 2018 Market Update presentation at the new Golden Valley Community Ctr.