Kentucky High Point Hike

Highpoint 37. Kentucky, Black Mountain, 4145 ft, 10/12/03

Remember that this site is private property. You must sign and mail a liability release in advance. Release Form
Used Wingers' book for guidance.
Zumwalt's book has a good topograghical map.

There are no rest rooms at the trail head or summit.

The tower is still there. The lower steps have been removed. The tower did not appear to be in bad condition, but you should not attempt to climb it. The top of the tower is probably in cooking range for the nearby high-powered FAA radar.

The marker is located in a southerly direction from the above tower, through the bushes, near a guy-wire anchor. Marker
This 4 foot coal seam is visible on the road up Black Mountain. Perhaps this is why it is called Black Mountain. Coal seam