Louisiana High Point Hike

Highpoint 29. Louisiana, Driskill Mountain, 535 ft, 9/20/03

Used Wingers' book and Zumwalt's book for guidance. I found both books very helpful, and hiked directly to the right place.

There are outdoor toilets at the church. Not sure of their condition.
Found no benchmark. The nearest benchmark is approximately 1 mile.

New plaque at trailhead, near west exit. Notice the church, cemetary and shade tree in the background. It is good to park in the shade in Louisiana. Plaque at trailhead, near west exit
Louisiana state roads are well marked. Louisiana state roads are well marked.
Purple berries along the trail. Does anyone know what kind? Purple berries along the trail
Follow the logging road on the left side of the cemetary. After a few hundred yards on open ground, you will enter forest. After another few hundred yards, you will be at the first fork in the forest. Notice the 'no-no' signs on the right trail, which leads to a false summit. Proceed straight ahead, through the gate. It is not necessary to open the gate. First fork after entering forest
Notice the sign in the tree, at the next fork. It is about 12 feet from the ground and is very easy to miss. Proceed to the right. This is about the halfway point. The trail winds around the left side of the false summit and goes down a little. You will probably encounter stiff spider webs across the trail. These are memorable. Sign in tree at second fork