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Maine High Point Hike

Highpoint 21. Maine, Katahdin, 5268 ft, 9/1/03

Sunday, on our drive from Jeremoth Hill to Millinocket, we stopped at a visitor center on I95 outside of Bangor, ME. It contained a model of Katahdin, showing all the hiking trails. The vertical dimension was exaggerated, but I still found it helpful.

Used Wingers' book for guidance. Zumwalt's book has an adequate topograghical map.

Stayed in Millinocket. Got up at 4:30am and was through the ranger gate about 5:15am. Takes 1/2 hour to drive from the gate to the Katahdin Stream Campground. Took almost 5 hours to get to the top, by the Katahdin Stream Campground/Hunt trail. The weather was clear, but hazy. It was very windy climbing up the ridges between 3000 and 4500 ft. The wind whipped hard on my hat and head. Great view at the top! I found a ski pole VERY helpful for descent.

On Sunday, a highpointer at Jeremoth Hill had suggested that the northeast trails were shorter and easier. Sometimes the rangers suggest the Abol trail, to divert foot traffic from the Hunt trail. The Abol trail is loose and steep.

Non-resident vehicle day-use fee in 2003 was $10.

There are restrooms at the Katahdin Stream trail head, one along the trail, but none at the summit.
Found the benchmark shown below. There are more.

Found one of the benchmarks on Baxter Peak, as well as the Appalachian trail end sign, and the Katahdin plaque. There is a large cairn near the top.Maine highpoint
Benchmark Information from the NGS Data Sheet:
Designation - KATAHDIN USGS 1941 RM 1
PID - QG1449
NAD 83(1996)
Lat --- 45 54 15.75309(N)
Long - 068 55 16.93670(W) ADJUSTED
Height - 5266 Ft.
Plaque Katahdin Plaque
Stone cairn Large cairn
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