New Jersey High Point Hike

Highpoint 17. New Jersey, High Point Monument, 1803 ft, 8/27/03

We stayed in Matamoros, PA. Drove the short distance to High Point State Park. There is a small parking fee, about $5 when the ranger is present. The New Jersey highpoint monument is undergoing renovation and repair. The ranger said it might be open next year, but a look inside suggests not much repair has been done. Don't count on being able to climb to the top of the monument any time soon.

The monument is striking. It is lighted at night, and is clearly visible from some parts I84, 4 miles to the north. It is about half the size of the Washington Monument.

Found 2 benchmarks. One is in a rocky area in front of the monument and one is on the front stome railing of the monument.

Marker 1. Marker 1
Marker 2, on the front stone railing. Marker 2, on the front stone railing