Nevada High Point Hike

Highpoint 39. Nevada, Boundary Peak, 13,143 ft, 9/12/04

Used Wingers' book and Zumwalt's book for guidance.
The roads and trails for this highpoint are less frequently visited than those of most other highpoints. I met only 3 people on Sunday.

Left my motel in Hawthorne, NV at 5:40am. Entered the Boundary Peak Wilderness Area on Trail Canyon Road. Continued on Trail Canyon Road, past the intersection of Chiatovich Creek Road. I thought I was doing ok, but soon found myself on a road that required 4WD. My vehicle couldn't make it all the way. The end of the road was about 9600 ft. I parked on the side at about 9200. This turned out not to be the 'official' trail or trailhead.

The weather was pleasant. Left the trailhead at 8:45 am. After about 100 yards, I passed an old bare sign that at one time had held a sign-in book. Hiked almost to the top of the ridge separating Trail Canyon from the canyon to the north. Followed a horse trail on the south side of this ridge to the Trail Canyon Saddle. There were wild horses around. There was little scree to this point, but I did lose some altitude coming down to the saddle. I followed the 'official' trail after that.

From this point up there was more scree. At some points, the trail disappeared and it was necessary to scramble over rocks. Going up, it was easy to determine where to go. Reached the summit about 2:45 pm, after 6 hours. Signed the book in the ammo box, took pictures, and found 2 of the 3 survey benchmarks.

After another snack, headed down about 4 pm. The late afternoon wind from the west was very strong. I estimate it gusted to 60 mph, until I crossed the saddle to the ridge north of Trail Canyon.

About half way down the ridge, I made a mistake and started down into the north canyon, where I thought I had come up, instead of doing what the GPS said (Continue along the ridge.) When I discovered my mistake, I bushwhacked along the north side of the ridge which had a lot of scree. When it became too dark to continue safely, I made a nest on the slope, against a pine tree and stopped for the night. I had enough water and food, and almost enough clothes. There was no moon, so the stars were awesome! Did not sleep. Didn't want to roll down the scree in the dark. At dawn, I walked out the last 30 minutes to my vehicle.

Had a blow-out shortly after I got back to the main road. Tried to call my wife, but my ATT-Wireless cell phone, which had a strong ROAM signal, said my number was not authorized. Of course, ATT says it is not their problem.

When I got back to the motel in Hawthorne, the innkeeper told me my wife had called and that I had been reported as a missing person. I asked for a late checkout so I could take a nap and a shower. Got the first call after about 10 minutes. About 10 minutes after that, I got to meet a deputy sheriff, in person. He said he was just getting ready to mobilize a 3 county search-and-rescue event. He was a decent man, concerned and courteous. He asked why I hike alone. I did not ask if he had heard of John Muir.

Slept for an hour, showered, and spent an hour at the car wash. Stopped at McDonalds and headed for Reno. It was another great adventure, without getting arrested!

Almost to the top of Boundary Peak.
It was a beautiful, clear day.
Almost to the Nevada summit
Praying hands formation. Praying hands formation

Summit Benchmark Information from the NGS Data Sheet:
Designation - BOUNDARY
PID - HR2576
State/County - NV/ESMERALDA
NAD 83(1994)
Lat --- 37 50 45.95182(N)
Long -- 118 21 04.67646(W) ADJUSTED
Height - 13147 feet ADJUSTED
There are 2 other reference benchmarks nearby.

Summit Benchmark

Benchmark Information from the NGS Data Sheet:
Designation - BOUNDARY RM 1
PID - DA8802
State/County - NV/ESMERALDA
NAD 83(1994)
Distance 5.148 METERS, Az. 06305
This is descriptive information
only and not for navigation.
Did not find reference mark 2.
(Distance 4.055 METERS, Az. 13815)

Summit reference mark 1
My nest for the night.
Yes, I took it all with me when I left.
Heard no critters all night, and there were very few insects.
My nest for the night