New York High Point Hike

Highpoint 24. New York, Mt. Marcy, 9/4/03

The trailhead parking fee was $9. The visitors center at the trailhead has flush toilets and showers for thru hikers. While the visitors center is not open 24 hours a day, the toilets and showers are.

Used Winger's book and Zumwalt's map for guidance. The VanHoevenburg Trail is well marked with blue metal tags on the trees. I tried to record a track on my GPS, but the tree cover is so heavy that I recorded no points between 1700 and 4700 ft.

Started hiking at 7am. The area was green and lush. The trail was very wet, but there were few bothersome insects until the last half hour. It had rained the day before, the night before and briefly in the morning. There was water running on much of the trail, especially at higher altitudes. Even though the sun came out, I could not see it until 10am. There was no dry place to sit for the first 4 hours. The hike took 5 hours up and 4-1/2 hours down. I needed a ski pole for the descent, and still slipped and fell once.

The summit is a rounded rock knob. Found a benchmark on it, near the highest point. It was cool and windy on the summit, which was in the clouds. Visibility was as low as 50 feet. On the easterly side of the rock knob, I found the Mt. Marcy plaque, shown below. This was on the lee side, so it was more pleasant.

The Nature Conservancy and the Adirondack Mountail Club ask hikers to carry small rocks to the top, which are used as border edging to keep hikers off some of the fragile plants on the peak.

On the trail, there is a sign pointing to Indian Falls. The falls are a few hundred feet off the main trail and interesting. Part of the water channel is cut into the rock, and seems artificial.

Came off the trail at 5pm. All the people I met, except during the last hour, were French speaking. Shortly before I finished, I met 2 rangers with rifles on their way to send a bear with bad habits to 'bear heaven'.

Benchmark Information:
Designation - MARCY NO. 2 1942
PID - PG2096/DA5176
State/County - NY/ESSEX
Lat --- 44 06 45.9(N)
Long - 073 55 25.3(W)
This is 'Reference Mark No. 2'.
This is descriptive information
only and not for navigation.
New York, Mt. Marcy, 9-4-03
Plaque Plaque