New York City 2007 Adventure

At the library, I found 7 tourist books on NYC. Three were from 2007. I checked those out and we took the best with us: Fodor's New York City 2007. I think there are a few more things we want to see on a future trip.

We flew east to New York JFK early Friday morning, 10/26/2007. It was rainy and wet until Sunday, when we returned. Taxi to mid-town Manhattan, before tolls and tip, is a flat $45. Newark or La Guardia airport might be better.

We went to visit relatives, to walk in Central Park, to ride the subways, and eat expensive food. Sandwiches and beverages for four at the Carnegie Deli will run you a hundred bucks. We got into MOMA and the Guggenheim for free. We saw Mamma Mia on Broadway, Saturday night. Good seats, second row.

Amazingly, pictures without flash are allowed in MOMA, but not in the Guggenheim.

Visited again on 5/18/2008, when Mark graduated from NY Law School, cum laude.

Central Park. Central Park
Central Park.
Tavern on the Green,
served huge, overpriced, fatty portions.
Bankrupt 12/31/2009.
Central Park, Tavern on the Green
Central Park.
'Imagine' Memorial
Central Park, Imagine Memorial
Cinderella Table, Demakersvan, Birch Laminate
MOMA, Cinderella Table, Demakersvan, Birch Laminate
Sign in shop.
Everything is expensive in New York.
Sign in shop. Everything is expensive in New York.
Subway turtles. Subway turtles

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