New York City 2012 Adventure

We flew east to New York LaGuardia Saturday morning, 10/20/2012, returning Tuesday afternoon. La Guardia is more convenient than JFK, and the TSA staff is much more competent. Taxi to upper Manhattan, after tolls and tip, is about $35.

We went to visit relatives. Weather was great the whole time. We missed the storm by a week.

Saturday after arrival, we walked around the northern part of Central Park. We enjoyed a gourmet home-prepared dinner.

Sunday, we had free admission to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I spent 5 hours there. Dinner was great at John's Pizzeria on 64th.

Monday, after blueberry pancakes, we walked north from Battery Park. We acquired good seats for David Letterman's Late Show, 5th row, in front of the desk. Later, a great Italian dinner in Soho.

Tuesday afternoon, we flew home. It's great to travel, but there's no place like home.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Central Park. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, from Battery Park. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, from Battery Park
The Late Show: the only picture you'll be allowed to take.
If you go, be prepared to stand in line for long periods of time, and mandatory cheer-leading school. No gum chewing, whistling, whooping, 'squealing like a girl', booing, hissing, picture taking, standing.
During the breaks, the band plays and Paul Shaffer sings, and they're pretty good.
Tonight Show
Airline cookie.
Milk-Bone makes something that resembles this.
Airline cookie.
Finally, in the NYC subways, you only need to point your camera down to the tracks to see the rats and garbage.
C'mon Mayor Blomberg, clean it up!
(Bigger than a gray squirrel, but most are smaller than a cat.)
Subway rat.

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