Pennsylvania High Point Hike

Highpoint 15. Pennsylvania, Mt. Davis, 3213 ft, 8/25/03

This was the 3rd highpoint today, a long day. Still going to drive to Hershey so we can visit Chocolate World tomorrow.

We used Wingers' book for guidance. Climbed to the top of the fire tower, which provides a view above the tree line. At the top of the fire tower, there is a cast relief of the surrounding terrain, showing other geographical features. Hidden and inconspicuous in the trees at the base are many interesting plaques with geological displays and information.

Also found the bench mark in the trees.

Marker Marker
Pennsylvania relief. Pennsylvania relief
We spent the following day at Hershey Park. To use this sundial, stand on the block adjacent to the month. Your shadow falls on the hour. Hershey Park sun dial