Rhode Island High Point Hike

Highpoint 20. Rhode Island, Jerimoth Hill, 812 ft, 8/31/03

This high point is on private property and was open only 5 days in 2003. Check the 'Advisories' on Americasroof website for new details.

Used Wingers' book for guidance. Parked on the south side of the street like everyone else. Took our pictures by the sign on the North side of the road. Even though the sign is on the north side, the highpoint is on the south side. The high point is a rock. Zumwart says there is a maple tree with an 'X' on it. I did not notice it and did not see it in my pictures. I noticed no benchmark.

Rhode Island highpoint Rhode Island, Jerimoth Hill, 812 ft, 8-31-03
Music sign Music sign