Freighter images

Day of cruise

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1 Rickmers Jakarta
4 Rope ladder for local pilots to climb aboard while under way.
4 Escape pod
4 Looking down into escape pod
6 New Orleans, Jackson Square
6 New Orleans, French Quarter architecture
6 New Orleans, cargo unloading
7 Leaving New Orleans
8 Bridge passenger station
8 Bridge navigation console
13 Beaufort Scale, tops of waves blowing off
14 Philadelphia sunset
15 Laundry machines
22 Focsl, my favorite place on the ship, at the very front.
28 Antwerp marble smile
28 Antwerp architecture
35 Antwerp sunrise
35 Antwerp Euro-barge with lacy curtains
35 Antwerp, container cranes
40 Hamburg, focsl of sister ship
40 Hamburg, rat guards are required.
40 Hamburg, 35-ton hatch cover
40 Hamburg, The cargo holds are deep
50 Suez morning ferry crossing, right behind us
50 Suez view north, still green
50 Suez desert view north, note mosque in distance.
51 Dirty pool, located next to the stack
52 Clean pool. It's warmer enough now, and the crew wanted to swim.
59 Chef Roger, carving the roast piglet.
62 Krakatoa from our deck
62 Jakarta, cruise ship for cows
62 Cargo chains
64 Tropical sea color
69 Bangkok, Reclining Buddha
69 Bangkok, khlong boat
69 Bangkok, khlong utilities, like street lights and power
72 Pilotboat, delivering local pilot, mouth of the Mekong River.
72 Viet Nam, life on a boat
72 Ho Chi Minh City, shipshape ropes on the tug
75 Walking on the hatchcovers, photo by George Klucsarits
77 Hong Kong, leaving by water taxi
77 Victoria Peak, photo-merged panorama
77 Hong Kong at night
81 Shanghai, ornamental fruit at breakfast buffet
83 Shanghai, new financial district across the Huangpu River
83 Shanghai, kite sales on the Bund
84 Xi'an, winter thermal inversion, early afternoon
85 Xi'an, next day, clearer air
85 Xi'an, Terra Cotta Warriors, photo-merged panorama
85 Xi'an, Terra Cotta Warriors, big shots can go into the pits
86 Shanghai, mag-lev train after 259 mph ride from the airport
87 Shanghai, ornamental kale
88 Shanghai, dragons are still big in China
88 Shanghai, scooters with built-in gloves
90 Shanghai, even in January, this grass is kept green.
97 Nagasaki, Japan, Spectacles Bridge built in 1634
98 Nagasaki, ornamental street grate
98 Nagasaki, another ornamental street grate
98 Nagasaki, an old seaport, has sea serpents climbing the lamp posts.
101 North Pacific crossing, sunrise
114 Main deck, daily walk to focsl
115 Dolphins, photo by George Klucsarits
118 Soaring bird riding the air currents beside the ship.
119 Bird sign on the focsl
120 Panama Canal, Mira Flores lock, 'mule' engine
120 Panama Canal, mule tracks at San Pedro locks
120 Panama Canal, Centennial Bridge
120 Panama Canal, Centennial Bridge, view 2
120 Panama Canal, Gatun Lock looking forward
124 Galveston, figurehead on sailing ship Elissa
124 Galveston, no crowds or long lines for us
126 New Orleans sunrise, my paperback book cover
127 New Orleans, coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde
127 New Orleans, partly empty hold
127 New Orleans sunrise, my eBook cover