Yonezawa, Japan Adventures

I had a 9 month consulting assignment in Yonezawa, Japan. Yonezawa is in Yamagata prefecture, and has a population of about 90,000. Yonesawa is about 200 miles north of Tokyo, a 2 hour ride on the shinkansen (bullet train).

I skied at Zao Mountain, a few miles north of Yonezawa.
These are Zao Snow Monsters.
Zao Snow Monsters.
Winter in Yonezawa: In Japan, vending machines are often outside. At one time, it was possible to get beer in vending machines. Winter in Yonezawa.
A real snowblower. A real snowblower.
Spring time in Yonezawa: The architecture and landscaping are interesting throughout Japan. Spring in Yonezawa.
A carved wood turtle at one of my favorite dining places. The carving is about 2 ft by 3 ft. Large carved turtle.
Yonezawa is in an agricultural area. This tile pattern was repeated in the sidewalks. ABC ceramic tiles.
Yonezawa has some noted festivals, including the Festival of Lanterns in February. Yonezawa festivals.