Skiing Adventures 2003-2004

2003-2004 Ski Season

Lift tickets! Skied at Spirit Mountain 11/23/03.

A consulting assignment took me to Japan 9 times.
Skied 7 times in the US and 9 times in Japan this season.
Japan Trip 3 departure: 1/10/04. Skied Zao Mountain and Yonezawa Ski Park in Japan.
Japan Trip 4 departure: 1/31/04. Skied Tengendai in Japan.
Japan Trip 5 departure: 3/6/04. Skied Zao, Tengendai, and Yonezawa Ski Park again.

I think the 2003-2004 ski season is officially over for me 3/19/04.
Can't wait until next season!

Skiing in Japan

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