Skiing Adventures 2004-2005

2004-2005 Ski Season

12-14-04 Hyland Hills.
12-29-04 Hyland Hills.
1-6-05 Buck Hill.
1-24-05 Buck Hill.
2-8-05 Snow board lesson at Buck Hill!
2-22-05 Afton Alps.
3-1-05 Buck Hill. All day for $10, during March. Magnificent sunny day!
3-7-05 Buck Hill. Sunny day. Fell hard showing off. Still sore.
3-14-05 Buck Hill.
3-23-05 Spirit Mountain by Duluth. Comments to be added later.
3-24-05 Lutsen. Comments and more pictures to be added later.
Snow board class. Snow board class
Spirit Mountain 3-24-2005. Spirit Mountain 3-24-2005.
Lutsen 3-25-2005. Lutsen 3-25-2005.
This has been a pretty tame season compared to the last 2 years.

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