Skiing Adventures 2005-2006

Minnesota Ski Slopes

Minnesota Map   MN Ski Resorts -
Buck Hill, Burnsville, MN310 ft.   Coffee Mill Ski Area, Wabasha, MN 425 ft.
Hyland Hills, Bloomington, MN175 ft.   Welch Village, Welch, MN360 ft.
Powder Ridge, Kimball, MN310 ft.   Andes Tower Hills, Kensington, MN275 ft.
Lutsen, Lutsen, MN808 ft.   Buena Vista Ski Area, Bemidji, MN230 ft
Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN 700 ft.   Ski Gull, Nisswa, MN280 ft.
Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls, MN300 ft.   Afton Alps, Hastings, MN350 ft.
Giants Ridge, Biwabik, MN500 ft.   Mount Kato, Mankato, MN240 ft.

2005-2006 Ski Season

This season, I hope to ski in Japan, Vermont, and Minnesota.
Next season, maybe South America and all of the western US.

11/18/05 Wild Mountain was open! Two lifts and 3 runs. Skied about 35 times. It was warm and sunny like spring-time skiing. The St. Croix river, unfrozen, was flowing across the road. Found a new shortcut to get there.
Wild Mountain

11/25/05 Buck Hill had one lift and one run open. It was icy on one side, but mostly ok on the other. Had a freeway event on the way, sliding down I-35 sideways. Four-wheeled out of the ditch, changed a tire and proceeded to ski! Ski-wear works well for changing a tire when the temp is 15F and you need to be crawling around on the ground looking for jack-points.

Japan: Skied Tengendai 12/16/05 and Zao 12/17/05. Saw a group of monkeys from the bus on the way down from Tengendai. Felt tremors from the earthquake early Saturday morning.

Japan: Feb 1-18, 2006. Skied again at Yonezawa Ski Park, Tengendai, and Zao. Saw another snow monkey, and the Yonezawa Lantern Festival.

California: Feb 23 - March 3, 2006. Final project tasks were in San Diego and Gilroy. Skied on Thursday at Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe. Got a tee-shirt that says "If it's too steep to ski, you're too old."

MN March 6, 2006. Early bird special at Buck Hill: $10. Skied 3-1/2 hours non-stop.

Skied twice a week at Buck Hill in March. My final visit was on Tuesday, March 21st. Near the end of my visit, I tried a snowboard jump next to the half-pipe. It happened fast. Not sure exactly how it happened, but I think I landed ski heel down. By the time I stopped sliding down the slope on my back, I had 1 ski pole left. Had to walk half-way back up the slope to recover my skis.

March 26, 2006. Most MN resorts are scheduled to close 4/2. That's all for the 2005-2006 season for me.

My skiing in the US

My skiing in Japan

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Jack Heggie influenced my skiing style in positive ways. Jack Heggie died recently, and it is time to move on. Also, the Jack Heggie links don't work anymore.