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Minnesota Ski Slopes

Minnesota Ski Map
Buck Hill, Burnsville, MN310 ft.   Coffee Mill Ski Area, Wabasha, MN 425 ft.
Hyland Hills, Bloomington, MN175 ft.   Welch Village, Welch, MN360 ft.
Powder Ridge, Kimball, MN310 ft.   Andes Tower Hills, Kensington, MN275 ft.
Lutsen, Lutsen, MN808 ft.   Buena Vista Ski Area, Bemidji, MN230 ft
Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN 700 ft.   Ski Gull, Nisswa, MN280 ft.
Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls, MN300 ft.   Afton Alps, Hastings, MN350 ft.
Giants Ridge, Biwabik, MN500 ft.   Mount Kato, Mankato, MN240 ft.

2018-2019 Ski Season

3/11/2019 Skied at Buck Hill! Sunny, icy and fast!

2017-2018 Ski Season

3/14/2018 Skied Buck Hill! Icy & fast! Sunny!
2/26/2018 Skied at Buck Hill! Well groomed. Sunny!

2016-2017 Ski Season

2/10/2017 Skied at Buck Hill! Well groomed. Brisk early.

2015-2016 Ski Season

2/26/2016 Skied Buck Hill again! Sunny and well groomed. Brisk.
2/17/2016 Skied Buck Hill! Sunny early and well groomed. Brisk.

2014-2015 Ski Season

3/6/2015 Skied Buck Hill! Great temp, sunny, and well groomed.
2/9/2015 Skied Buck Hill! Great temp, sunny, and well groomed.

2013-2014 Ski Season

3/6/2014 Skied Buck Hill.
2/19/2014 Skied Buck Hill!

2012-2013 Ski Season

3/8/2013 Skied Buck Hill. Sunny and nice.
2/22/2013 Skied Buck Hill! Overcast, but calm and comfortable. As always, snow is well groomed.

2011-2012 Ski Season

3/9/2012 Skied. Sunny and fast. Buck Hill really does a nice job of grooming this time of the year.
3/5/2012 Skied at Buck Hill. Nippy. Well groomed.
2/22/2012 Skied Buck Hill! Blue sky and sunny.

2010-2011 Ski Season

3/14/11 Skied Buck Hill. Blue sky and sunny. Snow is OK.
3/07/2011 Skied Buck Hill. Overcast, but the new snow is nice. Saw a guy telemarking. Just watching was exhausting.
2/28/2011 Skied Buck Hill! Blue sky and sunny.
2/14/2011 Buck Hill: A little icy. Sunny. Fell once.

2009-2010 Ski Season

3/15/2010 Skied at Buck Hill this morning. Overcast. Because of the rains and the high temperatures last week, the skiing was very different. Also tried the black diamond run, which was ungroomed and very rough. This is the last time I will ski this season.
3/08/2010 Skied at Buck Hill this morning. Overcast.
3/03/2010 Skied at Buck Hill this morning. Sunny. The sky was that special blue.
3/01/2010 Skied the Early Bird Special at Buck Hill. Sunny.
2/22/2010 Skied the Early Bird Special at Buck Hill. Sunny.
2/17/2010 Buck Hill: The Early Bird Special went up to $12. Sunny. My first run went well. My style was good by the second run. This is the first time I have skied since my hip replacement. Only fell once, on the opposite side.

2008-2009 Ski Season

3/19/2009 Buck Hill: Nippy and fast.
3/16/2009 Buck Hill: I was first down the hill. 50 degrees at 9:50 AM.
3/13/2009 Skied Buck Hill again. It was a beautiful, sunny day.
3/4/2009 Skied at Buck Hill. It was a really pleasant day, and my cost per run was probably about a quarter. I tried the slalom course, which was easy. Apparently a special ticket is required, so I only went once.
3/2/2009 Skied at Buck Hill until the Aleve wore off. Early bird special is $10.

2007-2008 Ski Season

11/28/2007 Buck Hill opens today, but only the bunny trails are open. Skied Wild Mountain. I've always had a good time there. $30 today. Many runs are open. 30 degrees. Changed from partly-sunny to sunny. On my last run, I skied diagonally toward the parking area. Developed fastest ski separation possible, when I intersected with the tow rope. Just didn't see it. Knew what it was as soon as I felt it. Had a flight deck flashback to arresting cables and was glad nothing was severed. The tow rope is abrasive, so ski pants are trashed. Three snow-boarders standing at the bottom: One said "Dude. I haven't seen anybody do that before." Hope I didn't break any of the tow gear. Got the h out of there quickly and took more Aleve. Ribs have been sore, but much better on Saturday.
3/10/08 Skied at Buck Hill this morning!

Future seasons hold many possible ski adventures!
Now, most of my skiing will be HALF-PRICE!
Next season, maybe South America and all of the western US.

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