Yonezawa Ski Park Adventures 2004-2006

Yonezawa Ski Park is near Yonezawa, Japan.
There is a bus, but I never figured out how to catch it.
Skied Yonezawa Ski Park in February and March 2004.

Yonezawa lies in a beautiful mountain valley at 800 ft.
Yonezawa Ski Park is not very high, starting at 1617 feet, with a high point of 2326 ft. Because of the relatively low altitude, the temperature is usually warm enough during the day for the snow to melt. When I skied, after work, the slope was often icy, fast and treacherous. There are 2 chair lifts that I could see. These measurements were made with my Garmin etrex Legend.

Feb. 2006. Discovered 2 more chairlifts and another slope over the ridge.

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